“I can’t leave my house. I Have Nothing To Wear”

Hello Lovers,

Are you tired of your wardrobe? Do you find yourself running late every morning because you have no clothes? Does your room look like a tornado hit it when you finally settle on something to wear? Well, stress no more! I’ve got all the answers (as always). So listen up and take notes because I’ll only say this once.

There isn’t a single woman in the world who hasn’t uttered the words “I can’t leave my house because I have nothing to wear”, me included. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been that girl crying on the floor of her dressing room cursing everything and everyone, sometimes even my mother – It’s shameful but on one of my date-nights I think I called her selfish for deciding to have a child who would one day find herself in such a predicament. I know, dramatic right?

Anyway, I don’t want to say that after reading this you’ll never utter those words ever again but I promise these tips and tricks I learned from my Mama Bear will having you less stressed and better dressed.

  1. Your first mistake is not waking up on time. This sounds silly but honestly if you think about it, your stress really stems from you not giving yourself enough time to think about what you feel like wearing and putting the outfit together. Timing is everything!
  1. I know the whole “Repeating outfits” is one of the worst things to ever do for some of us but having a list (mental of course) of outfits that have worked for you in the past is always a good idea, especially if you’re like me who never seems to have enough time to do anything anymore. If repetition bothers you so much, just change the accessories you pair with your outfit for a different look.
  1. Just because you have no money doesn’t mean you cant shop. Every time you go to the mall keep your eyes open for anything you could add to your wardrobe. You don’t only have to shop at the end of the month. Even if you only have enough money for a pair of socks, buy them! True fashionistas understand that the best wardrobes are created over time. It’s a marathon people.
  1. Have a good set of basics in your closet that you can always throw on in times of extreme stress. This includes a good pair of jeans (black and blue), White shirts (and t-shirts), black heels, basic blazers (black and navy) and of course the oh so classic Converse sneaker (all-black and all-white). These are just a few items that will always be useful on those days where you overslept even when your alarm was set for 5am (because we always have the good intention of making gym first thing in the morning. Haha, don’t worry, one day we will wake up for it).

These are but a few tips that should help you avoid the complete meltdown that comes when you’re getting ready for lunch with the girls, that date with THAT guy, your boss’ birthday that you totally forgot about or most importantly, that party you’re going to where you know you have to look like a SEX CAT just in case your ex shows up with his new hoe (sorry, I meant ‘girlfriend’).

Good Luck lovers.


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