Are you Fashion Fit?

So I’m being a couch potato and as I watch these impossibly fit women do squats for what seems like a good 10 years, I start to take notice of the perfection of their bums but more specifically, their fabulous workout gear. Now, on the rare occasion I exercise (which is mostly when I’m still determined to stick to my New Years resolution) I’m never in gym dressed like I’m about to walk down the runway. We all know that’s impossible and if you’ve been fortunate to be that showstopper in gym go away! We don’t want your kind around here!

For the rest of us, I think it’s important to focus on what we wear to gym (assuming you still go) because I’ve always felt better about my bulging sweaty body when I’m dressed well. I’ve also seen way too many of you in the gym with leggings, stockings on your heads and tops that were probably given out at the country’s first democratic elections to not say something. CRISIS! *sigh*

Step 1: GO TO GYM! Or at least start running. You have nothing to lose except that muffin top that hung around since that office Christmas party. You have everything to gain, like a new friend, a banging body or that beautiful someone you’ve been staring at in the vegetable isle in Woolworths for way too long.

Step 2: Don’t lie about your size. You should be proud that you’re making the right choice and what’s better; you’re determined to look hot while doing it. You’ll always have that sour faced shopping assistant who judges you but remember you’re the customer and you can make that little b!@#$ dance around like a puppet if she’s rude to you.

Step 3: When in doubt, pick black. You can never go wrong with black. It’s slimming and works well with any colour. At the same time don’t be afraid to pick some fun colours and patterns. Adidas and Nike have a great range of gym gear that works well for all body types. Visit Total Sports, the Nike store, Adidas in Sandton and even Country Road for these fabulous trends.

Step 4: Get a really good pair of running shoes. I would recommend that you buy them first because they’re the most important part of your outfit. Nike has a great range of running shoes and what’s better is they help you buy a shoe that works for your foot type and exercise regime.

Step 5: BUYING A GOOD SPORTS BRA IS IMPORTANT! You can’t have your girls hitting you in the face every time you’re on the treadmill or do a jump-squat.

Bonus Advice: If you’re not an early riser do whatever you can to make sure you make that 5am gym class. I’ve known women to set alarms that are placed in the garden, or (my personal favourite) sleep in their gym clothes so they wake up and go.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re like me who’s constantly broke (because of my sever addiction to shopping in general) there are ways to get around paying R700 for one top. My secret? Cotton On! They have the most awesome sports wear section AND they’re affordable. They’ve got great colours in pants, sports bras, yoga mats and water bottles.

For those of you who have boundless amounts of money (or really good connections) you should look at designers like Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors and Kate Hudson who are making women all over the world look great while they work off those late night carb binges. Try websites like:, and

Now you’re ready to hit the gym! (Or the road or your dance class or whatever form of exercise you’ve opted for). If you look good, you really do feel good. I know, nauseatingly cliché but as my mother always says “It’s a cliché for a reason”. Lastly, don’t be that punk who says, “The diet starts on Monday” start NOW! Summer bodies are made in winter ladies and as much as your man loves you for who you are, nobody likes a pie in summer so get to work!

Have a great week chickens,

-Your Resident Snob

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