“Don’t worry, you’ll have hair by three o’clock” – Part Two

Now, as I said in my previous article, we have the worst luck when it comes to our hair. Sure we have been afforded great assets; our beautiful skin (because black don’t crack and we look forever young. Our sexy curves – hips and bums and of course our cultures, languages, traditions and did I mention our oh so gorgeous sun kissed skin?).

Yes, we are blessed but that’s kind of where it ends from a more superficial point of view. I always think that when hair samples were being handed out we definitely missed the bus and arrived late to the meeting (you know, “African time”). I reckon the Asians and or Indians were definitely in the front and unfortunately we were right at the back.


More Issues we can all relate to:

The hairline issue:

Oh me oh my! Don’t we all stress about this? I’ve seen so many women who’s hairline left them years ago because of braids and or cornrows that were just too tight and forced their hairlines to retreat or full on run away to the back of their heads. Embarrassing I know but that just means we have to take extra care when getting those hairstyles done.

No matter how you cut it, that will never be a look that you can pull of despite the numerous crazy hairstyles out there (that have honestly been abused and copied in the worst ways. I blame Nicki Minaj, Cassie and obviously Rihanna).


I know that not all of us subscribe to doing this to our hair. Some of you are simply against the whole concept and some prefer to indulge themselves with beautiful hair courtesy of the Indians, Brazilians and even Peruvians. Now my issue with weaves (besides the ridiculous price tags they flaunt) is really the quality of the hair that is chosen.

Please understand I’m not saying that we should all go out and buy bundles worth R1 000 each but please please please don’t weave until you have the budget for it. You don’t want to look like your hair could be used to clean pots and pans. You want your hair to blow gracefully in the wind as opposed to stiffly sticking up as if saluting the passers by. I would say love yourselves but I don’t want to be mean.

Getting your hair wet:

Something we all fear is getting our hair wet. I’m the type to wear two or sometimes three shower caps just in case (especially when I have my own hair) because there’s nothing worse than having to blow-dry your hair when you’re still stressing about what you’re going to wear that day. Another problem would obviously be the rain/swimming and (although we never talk about this) the scary reality that during/after sex, the possibility of your hair going “back to black” is something we all have had to face sometimes. Embarrassing as it is, it’s just another thing we have to deal with.

Advice, when dealing with a boyfriend/husband/lover etc. don’t be one of those girls who demands he love you for you and walk around with hair and or no hair (yes, I’ve seen many a weave taken off during fights and or just before bedtime). He understands your struggle but don’t make it an issue or something that’s in his face. You got your hair done to look good so lets keep it neat, tidy and classy and ON your head ok?

Sleeping Time:

Another thing we all hate. The pain you endure when you finally make it to bed but have unfortunately braided your hair that day is paralysing. I will admit to taking painkillers just to get through the night. Sometimes, it’s just too much to handle. My worst is that when you do have your “own/natural hair” you look hideous when you wake up unless you put a scarf or pair of stockings on your head to keep it neat but lets be serious, that’s so much admin especially when you’re returning from the club at five am and don’t even have the energy to take off your heels and make-up.

Now I could go on for ages about the struggles we face. It’s tough, trust me I know but unfortunately until we come up with better solutions it’s our fate. I’ve had to answer the silliest questions when its come to my hair, (Oh my goodness, yesterday your hair was short and today it’s long! How come your hair grows so fast? OR Do you wake up every morning and braid your hair like that? Doesn’t it take really long?). You think I’m lying but I swear I’ve had to answer those questions (well, honestly speaking I walk away most of the time because I just can’t).

All in all, no one can deny our daily struggle. Most try to understand but few really do. That aside, we’ve managed to make it work for us and still manage to look like we’re “living our best life” even at the worst of times so well done to us! So bless all those dealing with any of these issues. We all sympathise and I promise we’re here for you whether you need the number of an affordable place to braid your hair or need to know which relaxer has worked best for us in the past. Don’t stress. We got you girl!

Class Dismissed


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