Clinch – App Review

So the first time I watched the movie Clueless I was about seven or eight years old, and have been obsessed with it ever since. Granted I didn’t understand any of their references or know any of the music they used for the soundtrack, but the clothes and overall lifestyle had me mesmerised. When Cher used her computer to pick her outfit of the day, argh, I was amazed and honestly I think that’s where my love and slight obsession with online shopping really began. I wanted what she had; I wanted to have outfit matches at the tips of my fingers just like she did, and I even wanted the outfit she wore to school that day. But alas that was not in my future, until I discovered Clinch.

Now I’m never one to rant and rave about online shopping sites and shopping apps. Sure they’re helpful and give me something to do when I’m bored. They’re never everything they promise to be but Clinch took me back to the nineties and gave me the opportunity to be Cher. I fell in love. Normal shopping sites just let you browse, and if you’re lucky, it takes you to a site where you can throw your potentials into some shopping cart (which is all fun and games until something malfunctions and you have start all over again because everything disappeared).

Unfortunately, a lot of the time (ok more like 95% of the time), I don’t actually have the money to buy any of the stuff I like so I go online to look at the clothes and play stylist. It’s like when you go to the mall just to browse through things and play dress up. The difference is that with Clinch, you don’t have the embarrassing task of telling the shop assistant that ‘you’re fine’ and you ‘don’t need any help’. Meanwhile (back at the ranch), you know that not only do you not have any money to buy clothes, but honestly you’re praying you have enough money to pay for your parking ticket.

Another aspect that I love is that the ability to mix and match outfits (while noting exactly how much everything costs), and that you never lose the things you loved. You’re basically in every store you’ve ever loved, you get to mull over and think about everything before you make crazy purchases that you end up instantly regretting.

I know, it’s all so complicated and stressful but with Clinch, you get a break from all of that. You don’t have some judgmental shop assistant breathing down your neck. You don’t have to walk through the mall and risk running into people you really don’t want to see. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you’re wearing a tracksuit (well for me its usually just a t-shirt and no pants).

Now as much as I use Clinch to play stylist (which is great because it lets me release my inner Cher from Clueless), it allows me to clinch just about everything. You can look for clothes, furniture, accessories, ok well just about everything, and what’s better is that it allows you to grab all these items from any website you want. You can bookmark your favourite sites so it’s even easier to for you to access them. This app makes it so easy to collect your favourite items from all over the Internet. What’s better than playing this international shopping guru?

Obviously this whole experience wouldn’t be complete without you being able to share all your great ideas and overall genius with everyone who follows you on just about every social network. Naturally they would want to admire your work (I mean, what else would they have to do right?), so Clinch lets you share your creations on every social media site including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course Instagram.

You’re probably wondering how it works. All you have to remember are these five words: Collect. Compare. Create. Shuffle and Share!

You Collect your favourite pieces from all over the internet (so basically all over the world).

You Compare all your favourite items according to price, style, size and quality.

You Create your favourite looks, collections and place them on your inspirational canvas.

You Shuffle through your genius creations.

You Share your creative masterpieces with the world.

How easy? I know. You’re welcome!

Ok so do it now!

Step 1: Get your iPad and download Clinch from the App Store or via this link

Step 2: Create your profile (which is a breeze thankfully because I always hate that part).

Step 3: Shop and start clinching

I know it’s just that great! You get to collect, compare, create, shuffle and share. Take it from a professional shopper (I consider myself one because my mom’s unhealthy obsession with shopping for just about anything has trained me in the art of shopping so I’m basically the oracle when it comes to this stuff), you need Clinch! Plus, it gives you something to do in all those boring meetings or lectures you hate going to. You’ll be having the most fun while your boss or lecturer totally thinks you’re being a little worker-bee and taking copious notes. I know, pure genius. You can thank me for your surprise promotion later.

You’re welcome,


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