It’s Ok That…

I’ve always wanted to write a blog post about all the things that humans (and more specifically girls) go through but never really admit to because they are so embarrassing but I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. We’ve all had those moments. Honestly, if I had to tell you half the stuff that’s happened to me you’d do one of those pity laughs that ends in an “aaaaawww” or maybe just a chuckle because it’s just so sad that you secretly understand and can totally relate.

So in my books it’s ok that:

  • Sometimes when it’s really hot outside you suddenly feel something running down your legs and you don’t know if it’s sweat, your period or if you’re just really turned on for no reason.
  • Sometimes when you’re on your period your pad shifts and you’re in no position to change its position.
  • When you got thrush all you wanted to do was sit on a bucket of ice while simultaneously scratching your vagina.
  • This one time the gardener saw you naked.
  • After sneezing while on your period you look like you’ve just seen a ghost.
  • When you asked someone how old you look they aged you by 8 years.
  • The Instagram selfie you posted of your mom got more likes than any picture you’ve ever posted.
  • You secretly want the Spice Girls to perform at your wedding.
  • When there’s a hole in your stockings you take a black marker and colour in your skin because you’re too lazy to find another pair.
  • When you leave your phone at home the whole day, you return to no missed calls or messages.
  • You’re still not sure how tax, life insurance or mortgages work.
  • When you made out with a guy you like, he kissed like he was trying to eat an oyster.
  • That you’re not able to lift yourself out of the pool like they do in those music videos and end up rolling out like a whale.

You see? It happens to all of us and there’s really no shame in being human. Look, I always say that overall it’s so hard to be a girl without all of these things happening to us. Why we don’t talk about them and share in each others embarrassment is beyond me. I mean, sure its embarrassing peeing yourself when your 24 years old but I’m sure its happened to someone before. Whats great is that when you’re able to share that stuff with your friend(s), they’ll probably have a story that is that much more embarrassing and you can bond over the shitty things that have happened to you (and most likely the majority of the world’s female population).

P.S. If you’re wondering how many of these “it’s ok” things have happened to me well…I tend to write from personal experience so you know… Judge me and I’ll ruin you!




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