Why I Hate Sales

Ok so I know I’m the queen of sales . Honestly, even if there isn’t a sale I still ask for a discount because what’s the worst that could happen right? (Tip: if you find anything that’s slightly ruined but can totally be fixed and you have to have it, always demand a discount. I do it all the time).

Anyway, as I was saying, I really do love a good sale. There are so many gems that you end up finding that can honestly make your day. I recently went to Zara and went to town. I officially have no more money but how important is food right?

This being said there are a few things that honestly grate my tits when it comes to sale season such as:

  1. You always end up finding items that you bought at full price like 2 weeks before and now they are like 70% off! (Tip: Make friends with a shop assistant so that they can tell you when everything is going on sale so you don’t make the same mistake).
  2. You get stalked by women who don’t have the keen eye for shopping you do. They wait in corners for you to put something down so they can swipe it, (I know this because on occasion I’m one of those swipers so beware).
  3. It is a zoo when you go shopping. There are hungry focused people everywhere looking for all those things they couldn’t afford that month so they are willing to do just about anything to get what they want.
  4. A lot of the really good things are never in your size or they’re just gone in like two seconds (Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant to take what you want off the mannequin. They complain at first but you have to be stern. After all, the customer is always right).
  5. Timing is everything so you have to be focused. There are people who plan for weeks. (Tip: Go to the store and secretly look through everything and identify what you want to buy. Then make sure you wake up early on sale day so that you’re the first one in there and you get parking close to the entrance).

Look, I’m definitely not saying that sales are the worst thing but there are always things that are super annoying about that time of the month.

My tips and tricks should help take care of such problems but like I said, it’s a jungle out there and if you’re not prepared to fight for what you want then you’ll never get what you want and you end up eating like 5 Krispy Kreme donuts and you’ll hate yourself even more because you’re trying to shake off the holiday weight. Why would you want to put yourself through such torture? You deserve better. I guess that’s why I’m here, to help guide you through it all.



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