Inspire Me

-Inspired by Me

Over the past year or so, I’ve been trying to work on my weight and have managed to lose a little. I kinda went from looking like a pie to a chunky money and I’m a little proud of that. Sure I wish I was a lot fitter than I am but I’m making progress which is what really counts so, yay me. But that’s not what today’s post is about. Sure there’s nothing that excites me more than my usual narcissistic ramblings of how amazing I am (okay maybe not nothing), but the inspiration for this post actually came to me while I was snapping the other day.

You see, every morning I struggle to figure out what to wear. I’m sure that this happens to a lot of you too. I honestly feel like I never have anything to wear. My mother is the same. She’s always going to fancy events with my father and is always plagued when it comes to what she should wear. Unlike me, my mother has the patience of a saint. She actually stays up at night trying on numerous outfits to see what works best whether she’s going to a wedding or funeral. That woman leaves nothing to chance and always plans ahead.

I’m not that type of person. I’m definitely more of a type so I’m always late trying to figure out what works with what in the morning. Now, most of you who have seen my closets would disagree with me when I say I genuinely have nothing to wear. I think it’s all relative but I think that way about most things. Anyway, because I constantly find myself scrolling through tumblr and gawking at different peoples amazing dress sense, I decided that instead of just looking, it was time I took notes. I kind of use their style as my inspiration.

I’ve found that there are so many people who dress well (and just as many who dress like crap) but I always wondered how those who get it right always get it right. Answer? They have stylists who do research daily on what’s new, whats fashionable, whats “hip and happening” and they put together look books that help the stars dress themselves. I never understood how this worked simply because I admire the style of people who have a lot more money than me and a lot less fat than me so trying to put together an outfit that Kourtney Kardashian wore didn’t seem like a possible task. But I figured out how to make it work for me.

So while I struggle with insomnia, I search ‘street style’ and always find the cutest outfits that honestly I would never have deemed street style but more like runway style. Obviously I have my own style and taste when it comes to dressing but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get inspiration from people who are a lot more risky with their outfits like Rihanna. So I opened up my mind. I started not only looking at the entire outfit but started isolating different elements of it.

  1. I look at the outfit as a whole. Decide what I like about it and try and place the ‘look’ in my life. i.e., would it be something I would wear to work? Is this more of an outfit for the club or just dinner with the girls? etc.
  2. I look at the individual items of clothing. I look at the cut of the dress/pants/shirt. I see how it sits on the person who’s wearing it. I decide whether or not I like the way it sits on them etc.
  3. I look at the colours and how they work together. Sometimes, we have all we need in our cupboards but we never experiment with meshing different colours and textures together. We limit ourselves. We think so many things are too risky or too sexy. We think we can’t wear certain things because we aren’t celebrities trying to make a statement but rather just an average person trying to look decent enough at work or at our next date night.
  4. If I like what I see, I start thinking of items in my closet that resemble what I like about the look I’m analysing. I think about the colours, textures, clothes etc. If it’s a denim shirt and skirt I think about the skirt and denim shirt hanging in my closet. Maybe I don’t have the exact colour but I have a similar cut of skirt. Maybe I decide to pair the same colours but different items of clothing i.e. instead of a denim shirt and black skirt I go with a blue shirt and black jeans.
  5. Now, I must say that I don’t do this with every single picture I see. Most of the time I just keep scrolling and save the ones that I really like and then when I’m stuck for inspiration, I look at the different pictures I’ve saved and then decide on what look or vibe I feel like on that specific day. Oh and I feel  like I must say that I do this all in the comfort of my bed/the couch. I’m really lazy so trying on outfits like my mother does at 02h00 really isn’t something I will ever do. I have a decent relationship with the internet and use it to my advantage at all times. Why get up and move if you don’t have to right? Moving is so hard.

Anyway, I hope this helps a little. Honestly, sometimes I think were too strict with ourselves when it comes to dressing. We’re always scared of repeating outfits so we try and buy something new whenever we get the chance to. Now, don’t get me wrong, shopping is great and looking good is all about investing in your look but sometimes it’s not investment in the ‘monetary’ sense but rather an investment from a time perspective. A lot of the time, assuming you have the basics in your closet, you have everything you need for your day to day fashion needs. It’s only on special occasions and big nights out that you really need to step up your game (and perhaps withdraw all your savings) to get a new outfit.

Just think of the clothes and shoes you have as singles at speed dating. Sure not every pair will work but you need to at least try right? But the only way you will every know is if you’re open to taking that risk and experimenting a little. If we refuse to let gender stereotypes define the way we conduct our everyday lives (even when it comes to dating), then why let them dictate the way you dress? It’s your money. It’s your body. So dress it in whatever you want to dress it in. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve worn mens clothing. I shop in the mens section and find the greatest shirts and jackets. Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with wanting to dress in only “mens” clothing or “womens” clothing but I do say that because fashion is an outward expression of who you are, you don’t need the likes of Kim Kardashian to wear something before it’s deemed “appropriately fashionable”. Fuck that! Mix and match however you please.

Oh and one last rule. When it comes to deciding if what you’re wearing really does work, remember this, if you find yourself touching/adjusting your outfit between leaving your bedroom and getting into the car, you’re wearing the wrong thing. Change. There’s nothing worse than constantly having to pull your jeans up or your dress down the entire day. It makes you look silly and is just so distracting. You feel uncomfortable wearing it and we (the public) feel uncomfortable watching you suffer in something you thought looked good on you. It could be the prettiest dress or the most sparkly bra but as soon as you constantly have to fiddle with it, it takes away from the entire look an leaves you looking like an asshole.

Thats all.


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