So I was at work, doing the usual, working like a good worker bee. Stressing out about being hired full-time. Crossing my fingers that I’ll finally get a salary that pays for more than my petrol. Then all of a sardine someone walked up to me and said, “Nice shoes. You’ve worn them before though” and then walked away. So in my mind I was like “Yeah I have worn them before. So what bitch?”.

Then I got to thinking. Why is repeating clothes and or outfits seen as a bad thing? Have we created a culture that says wearing the same shoes, jeans or jacket two days in a row is that terrible that we frown upon people who repeat items of clothing? And if so, why? Look, I have a lot of clothes and obviously depending on the occasion, season and to be honest the amount of time I have to get ready, I repeat but who the fuck cares? They are my clothes and I have a washing machine (and help to wash my more delicate garments)!

I have no money. I don’t have the luxury of wearing things once and then moving on to the next thing. I hardly have money to put petrol in my car and actually am so grateful that I still live with my parents and don’t have to worry about the price of two-ply toilet paper. So when it comes to getting dressed, especially for work, I am not trying to treat it like a fashion show. I REPEAT SHIT! Also, I have a finite selection of shoes I can wear to the office. Sure there’s casual Friday where they allow me to wear sneakers but honestly, I very rarely play that game and reserve the sneakers look for weekend errands and all day shopping excursions with my mother (I also make it a point to limit the amount of liquid I consume because she gets so annoyed when I have to pause for a toilet break. It’s kinda like being on the plane and only drinking one glass or cup of juice, depending on which class you’re sitting in of course. Not worth the trauma or that weird blue water).

Anyway, sure, rotation is important but I really believe we need to adopt the “so what” attitude when it comes to dressing. It’s not a test. There is no pass/fail (unless you’re wearing kitten heels of course. That’s an immediate fail. That’s actually a “You fail. Get out” kinda fail), but as long as your happy, wearing clean clothes that fit you properly and you feel comfortable then play on. Continue. Don’t let the pressure of the onlookers destroy you because as soon as you let that kind of thing get to you, you’ve lost.

Now don’t get me wrong, while there’s nothing wrong with repeating outfits and or certain items you have in your wardrobe, I’m definitely not encouraging you to wear the same thing everyday but I am saying that there’s nothing wrong with wearing what you know works for you. Take Karl Lagerfeld for example. He only wears black and white. His accessories are the only thing that really change but he is one of the most iconic dressers in the WORLD! Do we think he is boring or chastise him for rocking the same colours all the time? No. We celebrate his style. It is part of his brand. So why do we then make it a point to look down upon each other when we do the same?

Also, I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but please don’t go and wear the exact thing everyday. Don’t wear that one pair of shoes until they’re dead. That’s definitely against company policy. But understand what works for you. For example, my mother is the type to buy shoes that work for her in every colour. Okay not every colour but always the basics (black, nude and navy-blue). In my opinion, that’s smart shopping. You can do the same with pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, etc. Don’t go out and stress yourself about things that you don’t need to stress about. It’s so unnecessary and if you get a bitch walking up to you and making you feel bad about repeating an outfit or your shoes, you can always tell her to fuck off or retaliate by saying she has the same hair as she had yesterday because that’s how ridiculous this whole thing is.

Now when it comes to taking pictures of what you wear, that’s a little tricky, especially if it’s an outfit that’s super fancy or noticeable. Sure you can repeat but space it out a little. If you wear a bomb-ass outfit and no one saw you, as soon as you get home, take that shit off and save it for when you know you’ll be seen. Don’t go and take a picture of yourself and post it on the ‘gram. That’s a waste and just silly.

Oh and speaking of wasting outfits, don’t make the mistake of wearing a great outfit when the occasion doesn’t call for it. That’s also silly. Think about where you’re going. Obviously you need to aim to look better than everyone there but don’t waste your new shoes or sparkly dress on people or places that don’t deserve it because when you do need to bring it (yes, I said bring it), you wont have a thing to wear. You’ll be running around Sandton trying to find something at the last minute (because for some reason we never learn our lesson and always think that last minute dot com will have the answers) and then you’ll find a dress at TopShop or Zara but you’ll be too scared to buy it because the chances of the bitch you hate wearing it is high and you’d rather die than look like her because obviously you’re better than her (unless I’m the bitch you hate because no. I’ll always win honey. Don’t make the mistake of trying to compare where you can’t afford to compete. I may be poor but my closet isn’t).

Hmmm, I think that’s all for this week. Please excuse the rant and potentially terrible flow. It’s late and I don’t care.

Go forth and ‘so what’ your way through this week. Wear that dress again, just accessorize differently. Wear your white sneakers and black jeans, just change your white top to a denim shirt. Rock your drop earrings and tiara, just change your lip colour. I promise wearing the same thing more than once doesn’t make you any less fashionable than anyone else. It just means that you’re practical and understand that your clothes are in fact reusable.

-snobwithablog (ft. snobwithajob)

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